Friday, March 18, 2011

Putting it all together...

For weeks I have been talking about how to represent yourself on your Facebook account but there is a very important factor to this that we have missed. Privacy settings.

Privacy settings are so important because not only will they help filter out all the weirdoes that treat Facebook like an online speed dating session, but they allow you to control who can search you and see your pictures, info etc.

For instance, if a potential employer google's you and views your profile, privacy settings can allow you to adjust how much of your profile they see. I highly recommend you do this. I am confident they don’t want to see your latest tagged pictures of you partying for St. Patrick at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Keeping your account secure by adjusting your privacy settings is step one.

Step two is making sure that you think before you click. There are so many scams on Facebook now that you don’t want to be caught up in this mess. If Miley Cyrus had a photo so disgraceful, it would not be an application on Facebook. If interested in Miley Cyrus’s personal life, check Perez Hilton before clicking and allowing applications to be linked to your profile.

If you are concerned about your profile not being appropriate for work, I suggest you create another account that is strictly professional. This will allow you to have a more open profile for employers to search you.

Some people are more strict with their privacy settings than others; I want to know what you think! Do you have any tips on what to do?

I will leave you this week with some helpful links on how you can make your profile private


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Relationship Status

You can be in a relationship, single, in a common law relationship, in an open relationship or it can be complicated. Regardless, I recommend that you think carefully before changing your relationship status.

I don’t want to tell you to not change your relationship status because some people who are married or are committed to someone else may want to display that. My only concern is when people change from “in a relationship” to “single” and visa versa every time they have a crush on someone.

I don’t know about you, but with my friends, relationships aren’t ‘official’ until they are on facebook. I think this is absolutely insane. I made the mistake of changing my relationship status once in my life, and I will never do it again. Here is why.

When you break up with that person, it sucks having to change it to single. For some reason people feel the need to comment on it and ask what happened and if you are ok. No, I am not ok and if I wanted to talk to you about it I would have told you personally and not via my profile.

Unlike other aspects on Facebook, I don’t know how “wrong” it is to change your relationship status. Socially, it is not unacceptable to be single, or in a relationship. The only reason I bring it up is because as you mature, you many not want to display your love life to the rest of the world.   
This can be an interesting debate because people feel differently about the subject. Tell me what you think! I will leave you with an amazing article in Time Magazine.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am a huge fan of commenting on Facebook activity. It is such a great way to interact with your friends and be included in conversation. It also gives you an opportunity to be funny and give your opinion on a subject.  However, similar to the like button, one can over comment.

If I am not close with you, please do not comment on my Facebook activity everyday. When people are constantly commenting, you know that they are always looking at your profile. It’s a little bit weird.

To help me explain a comment, I once again turned to urban dictionary to help me understand. A comment is defined as: A persons positive output on a certain creation.

I want to point out here that the key word is positive. Just like I said before, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all. It’s very immature to be rude or negative to someone on Facebook and it may come back to bite you.

I am interested to hear what you think about commenting, this is a touchy subject and can be seen differently by people.

I did want to leave you all with some funny comments that have been submitted to Lamebook. The best way to learn how to comment and what is appropriate is by learning from others triumphs and mistakes so check out the website! 



Edit Profile

It is no surprise that I think your Facebook profile should be carefully monitored. If used properly, Facebook is a great tool for building your personal brand and networking.

One aspect of your profile is the Info section. This is a tab that allows you to explain a little bit about yourself, your interests, hobbies, favourite television shows, and artists. Please do not be fooled, this is not a section for you to write whatever you want. Here are a few tips to creating a great Info section.

# 1. Be honest. Whatever you write about yourself should in fact be the truth. Do not tell people that you are something you are not.

# 2: Be clear and concise: *-*ThErE iS nOtHiNg WoRsE tHaN pEoPle wHo wRiTe LiKe ThIS*-*. I know in grade 8 it was the thing to do, but not only is it hard to read but grammatically, it doesn’t make sense.

# 3: Be Confident. If you are a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys, do not be afraid to like their page. If you love to curl with your grandma on Sunday afternoons, tell people! Every person is different and the corky things that you do and like make up who you are.

# 4: Be private. I would suggest that you don’t put down any personal information such as telephone numbers or addresses. I know that some people type their BlackBerry pins in their profile, but I think that is okay because you are able to decide if you would like to accept the add or not.

Basically you need to remember that you are portraying yourself to a lot of people and you want to give the best representation as possible. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and have some fun with it!

What else do you think is important when editing your profile? Does anyone have any tips for what not to do? 

Here is a great website on some more tips.