Sunday, June 19, 2011

What ever happened to the old Facebook?

Before I begin, let me make it known that I am aware that I have never been one to accept change. With that being said, bring back the old Facebook.

The new and improved FB (yea, I did it) is too much for me to handle. First of all, there are too many connections to other social media sites like twitter and foursquare that I find myself having to click on links  just to finish reading an update...#toomuchwork.

The messaging system is awful. Whenever my grandma messages me on facebook chat I get a notification that I have an inbox message. I get all excited and click on it only to see my chat pop up...?

Creeping pictures is no longer fun.

The questions game from people you haven't spoken to in months is a little bit weird. No, I do not want to know what you think of me.

Why can't I copy a picture from my friends album and then put it in my album and pretend it was mine from the beginning? I don't want to have to download every picture. right click, save as?

I'm done for the evening.