Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Upload Picture...

Now think carefully. Do you really want to upload that picture of you stumbling around at the bar? I don’t think so.

Profile pictures are the first thing people see when they view your profile. They are a direct representation of your personality and provide a visual for all to create a first impression. Make sure your picture reflects the type of person you are...and remember in 5 years from now you may be haunted by your decisions.  

Here are some things that I personally don’t think should be included in a profile picture. Please remember that this is my opinion and I would love to hear feedback from everyone.

1) Mirror pictures. Really all I have to say is, save it for MySpace. There is a negative connotation with mirror pictures so save yourself the trouble and just ask a friend to take the picture.

2) Wording and fancy designs. Now I know some people like to add flowers and rainbows to their pictures and if that is what they like, then so be it. However, I really do advise anyone against wording or quotes because 5 years down the road they may not mean anything to you. Even worse, your potential employer may really disagree with what you are saying.  For example,

3) Kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend. Not only will this haunt you when you break up and have to delete it, but no one wants to see your PDA.

Remember, Facebook is your personal brand; the least you could do is invest a little thought into it. For some fun and simple display pictures, click here.

As always, I want to hear from you! What do you think is totally inappropriate when it comes to display pictures? I am curious to hear what people think about beach pictures….



  1. Good call. I also can't stand the bathroom mirror pictures. What makes them worse is when the bathroom and the mirror are disgustingly dirty and there's "kissie" faces being made. Classy.

  2. Vanessa, I love your blog! And, I totally agree with all three of these "photos to avoid"..especially the mirror photos. I really don't understand mirror photos in general; they are rarely ever flattering or cute. Most of the time, they just look so awkward. As for the beach photos, I think as long as they are tasteful and limited, then to an extent, they're okay :)

  3. I totally agree with this post. I also think the "duck faces/kissy faces" should be avoided, and as far as bikini pictures go, I think they are okay to an extent, but I dont think they are appropriate when people have a ton of pictures of JUST themselves on the beach. Group bikini photos are great, but solo pics of girls posing in their skimpy two-pieces I dont find appropriate.

  4. People who take way too many pictures of themselves..esp mirror pics in the bathroom and guys showing off their body -_-